• How-to Organize your Lingerie

    How-to Organize your Lingerie

    How many of you throw your lingerie in a box or a drawer and don’t think twice about organizing all your lingerie? I think that we all do that, we don’t really think twice about it because let’s face it lingerie you wear underneath your clothes there is no need to iron or steam them no one sees it but...

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  • Laundering your Lingerie

    Laundering your Lingerie

    Most women who take the time to get good fitting lingerie want it to last. So here is some advise on laundering your delicates. Start with some good lingerie soap, this has natural chemicals that are soft on the fabrics and revitalize the elastics. Hand washing is highly recommended for lingerie but in these busy times we sometimes get lazy....

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  • When to Wear a Lace Bra!

    When to Wear a Lace Bra!

    Some woman will say every day, others would say never. Well a lot of it depends on the individual’s personality. How daring are you? European woman are more inclined to let a little lace show, adding a feminine touch. If you are going to pay for it, what is wrong with tastefully showing a little? I think the best way...

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  • Taking Care of Ourselves

    Taking Care of Ourselves

    Women play many roles in life and as we play out these roles; from young women to mothers, to grandmothers we put ourselves on the back burners looking after everybody else. We need to take the time to make ourselves feel beautiful and this starts underneath. Like most things in life we need a good foundation to grow from. Think...

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