• The Importance of Nightgowns

    The Importance of Nightgowns

    Why do women want nightgown dresses and chemises? I believe that the nightgown craving stems from the natural desire to look and feel beautiful at all times. Why not wear a princess ballgown to bed? What’s more is that you feel the beauty internally… it rises out of you and shines around you like a sparkly tiara. There is just...

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  • Origins and Categories of Lace

    Origins and Categories of Lace

    Some believe the origins of lace can be traced back to ancient Egypt, others believe them to be traceable to ancient Rome. No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, it was the 15th century renaissance that truly sparked a permanence of lace in the fashion industry. Lace nearly replaced embroidery all together because it could be removed...

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  • The Value of Fine Lingerie

    The Value of Fine Lingerie

    The phrase “You get what you pay for,” really applies to lingerie. Many people do not understand how some lingerie is over $50 and can even go up to the hundreds. There is a great explanation as to why the prices vary and why you really need to take the time to pick out a bra that works for your...

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