Four Reasons for Investing in a Good Bra

Beautiful and high-quality lingerie by Marie Jo (PrimaDonna, Simone Pérèle, and etc.) is more than just a good bra and briefs. A gorgeous matching set does something to you. Not only do you look good in and out of your clothes, you also radiate confidence. A good bra offers excellent support, creates an elegant silhouette, has a comfortable fit, and makes you feel confident. Beautiful, high-quality lingerie is like a good hair day or your favorite lipstick: It pulls everything together. Discover four reasons to invest in a premium set by Marie Jo

(PrimaDonna, Simone Pérèle, and etc.).

Reason 1 - Confidence

All women can agree that a high-quality, matching lingerie set is a great confidence-booster. We spend a lot of time finding the right top to go with our pants, and the right earrings to match our scarf. But taking the time to focus on what we wear underneath our outfit is equally important. A gorgeous lingerie set:

  • creates feminine curves
  • supports your breasts
  • has a comfortable fit
  • makes you feel beautiful

The result is an even more confident you. Give it a try!

Reason 2 - Silhouette

Marie Jo’s (PrimaDonna, Simone Pérèle, and etc.) unique designs are much-loved thanks to the ultimate combination of quality and elegance. Each style creates a truly stunning silhouette. The only condition: Wearing the right bra size. A bra that fits perfectly and comfortably will accentuate your feminine curves. Another tip: Learn to use your sister sizes. They can be extremely useful when your usual size is unavailable.

Reason 3 - Posture

A good bra improves your posture. The perfect fit supports and lifts your breasts. But in order to reap the benefits, you have to find the right bra size. This will help you avoid straps that won't stay put, underwire poke, and other bra woes. When you wear a bra that fits perfectly, you automatically stand a little taller. Another tip: Understand the differences between European, French, and American sizes and unlock the secret to bra labels for good!

Reason 4 - All Occasions 

An elegant Marie Jo (PrimaDonna, Simone Pérèle, and etc.) lingerie set is perfect for all occasions. A good bra can be worn any time of the day and for every role you take on as a woman. Dropping the kids off at school? Whether you’re bringing the kids to school, heading to a meeting, going on a romantic date, or lounging around the house, high-quality lingerie will give you the confidence you need. Always and everywhere.

Bonus - Book Your In-Store or Virtual Bra Fitting Today 

Our fittings are important, honest and are an essential part to finding the perfect fit and feeling confident. Our size range is impressive! For customers who are unable to visit us in store, we can expertly guide you in finding the perfect fit through our virtual bra fitting system. Click here to make an appointment today!