How-to Organize your Lingerie

How many of you throw your lingerie in a box or a drawer and don’t think twice about organizing all your lingerie? I think that we all do that, we don’t really think twice about it because let’s face it lingerie you wear underneath your clothes there is no need to iron or steam them no one sees it but you. The reality of it is that lingerie lasts much longer when taken proper care of. Organizing your drawers can be done in a couple of simple steps that we will guide you through!

-The first step is to go through all your lingerie, try them all on if you have to but throw away items that do not fit anymore and that are unflattering. Get rid of anything that is torn, stretched out, or has lost its shape.

-You have to know what it is you need in regards to lingerie. You generally just need a couple of everyday bras starting from seamless with smooth cups to wear underneath shirts, a bra matching your skin tone for sheer blouses and tanks, and of course a black bra for darker items, a lacy or embellished bra for more special occasions, and of course you need one supportive strapless bra for more shoulder bearing pieces and dresses. And as for panties you can never have enough but generally about 10-15 will do.

-The hardest part is determining where to put what in your drawers and really just organizing all of it. Figure out how you want to organize everything by, you can do it by color, by silhouette, or even function going from casual to dressy. The possibilities are endless its just a matter of what you feel is easier for you to access. One key thing you should keep in mind is to always keep your go to items in the front so that you can easily grab them and go, while as the more special occasion items place them in the back. The way you should stack your bras is very important as well, stack the molded and padded bras flat never fold the cups inside each other, this is the fastest way for the fabric to ripple over time and get ruined. The only exception would be non-padded and underwire bras, you can fold them and store them with the matching panties. Get dividers for your drawers silk-lined would be good because it prevents the bras and panties from getting snagged. The dividers can also be used to divide the bras from the panties and puts everything into sections and categories.

-Try to keep one drawer for items that give you support such as shapewear, thigh slimmers, and short slips. As well as sports bras and exercise tops. Always keep Chemises on padded hangers in your closet, so that it is an easy grab and you do not have to worry about ironing later.

I hope this encourages you to take a look at your lingerie supply and go through everything you have throw out the old and organize the present and shop for the future! Organizing your lingerie drawers is the biggest help and gives you so much easier access to all your lingerie and the quality of your lingerie lasts longer with the proper storage and care.