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The Importance of Nightgowns

Why do women want nightgown dresses and chemises? I believe that the nightgown craving stems from the natural desire to look and feel beautiful at all times. Why not wear a princess ballgown to bed? What’s more is that you feel the beauty internally… it rises out of you and shines around you like a sparkly tiara. There is just something special about walking into a lingerie store and seeing that gorgeous silk hanging off a fluffy satin hanger… and when you slip into it, you feel just as amazing as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. That warm and fuzzy feeling nearly mimics that of falling love… or does it just mimic? I personally fall in love with every gown I try on. If only I could buy them all… Alas, the multiple armoires of nightgown dresses only exist in my dreams. Realistically though, I think that every woman should own at least one spiffy nightgown dress. If it makes you feel good and makes you feel special, that’s enough reason for making the investment to me. I doubt many boyfriends or husbands would object either…