The Value of Fine Lingerie

The phrase “You get what you pay for,” really applies to lingerie. Many people do not understand how some lingerie is over $50 and can even go up to the hundreds. There is a great explanation as to why the prices vary and why you really need to take the time to pick out a bra that works for your body not worrying about price. Always start off by looking at the quality and make of the lingerie. Fabrics all vary, and you can easily tell the difference, grab a $25 bra and hold It up against a $70 bra and you will automatically be able to tell and feel the difference. Many woman think that because there is not a lot of fabric used for making the bra that the price should be lower but the story behind that is the fact that the labor into making a bra is a lot more work than the fabric.

Of course fabric makes the difference but with a cheap bra you simply take pieces of fabric stitch them together, while for a more expensive bra you have people working on it and molding it to into the best fitting bra you have ever tried on, it takes time and detail and that’s what makes the cost of the bra go up. With a cheap bra it takes generally about 10 pieces to put it together, versus the more expensive bra takes up to 40 pieces to put together and make. The fabric that is used for more expensive bras do vary, while using lace you notice that the lace is very expensive and its very detailed and has a very intricate design to it. All elastic is not the same either, the more expensive the elastic the longer it will last. The more expensive lingerie has craftsmanship, very detail oriented, and lasts very long. The next time you go out compare some bras, grab a cheap one versus one that is more expensive try them on get a feel for it and you will quickly see the difference. Spend some more money but walk away with a bra that will give you the support and quality you need, it will be your moneys worth because of how long it will last!