Tips And Advice For Taking Care Of Your Lingerie And Swimwear

The right washing and drying method will extend the life of your beautiful lingerie and swimwear.

How often should you wash your lingerie? How many degrees should I wash my purchases? Can you put your delicate swimwear in the washing machine?

Below you can find our most important instructions and tips for washing lingerie and swimwear to enjoy your favorite purchases for years!

  1. Check the specific washing instructions on the sew-in label. Close all hooks and put your lingerie/swimwear in a sealable laundry bag.

  2. Fill the drum up to a third, preferably with other delicate garments of similar colors. Select a gentle cycle at 30 °C (unless indicated otherwise on the label) with a maximum spinning cycle of  600 rpm. Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent for delicates, and  do not add any bleach or fabric softener.

  3. Do not tumble dry; instead, air-dry your garments on a flat surface or on a drying rack (preferably in the shade and not in direct sunlight). Remove the cups from padded bras  and dry them separately to prevent them from creasing. Do not wring out your lingerie or swimwear, do not iron, and do not place on a heat source.

  4. When your items are completely dry, it is important to store them properly. Stack the cups  of your bras and swimwear in your drawer to help them keep their shape (never fold them).

Extra tips:

  • Ideally, you should wash your lingerie after every two to three wears.

  • Do not wear new swimwear in a sauna or in a jacuzzi and avoid contact with heavily chlorinated water and sunscreen.

  • Rinse swimwear with fresh water immediately after use.