What Bra to Wear Under What Outfit

How to decide which bra to wear under which outfit? Well, you definitely wont want to wear the same bra for all of your clothes!  Below we breakdown what type of bra to wear under different outfits. Get ready for exciting ways to maximize the best look based on your bra choice. 

  • Full coverage bras are for a smooth silhouette. Full-coverage bras give your breasts extra support and create an elegant and feminine silhouette under every outfit.

  • Balconette bras should be worn with low neck tops, giving a little more cleavage.

  • Deep Plunge bras is for v-neck, perfect for sexy low cut tops. Plunge bras should never be worn with high neck shirts or dresses.

  • Demi bras are perfect to wear under low cut clothes, because of the low neckline. Your demi bra will not be visible under your top or dress. Demi bras leave the top part of your breasts exposed for a revealing look.

  • Bralettes have a light and airy look. Most do not have pre-formed cups or underwire and are made from lace or another lightweight fabric. This bra doubles as a feminine top under a blazer or bomber jacket.

  • Wireless bras typically lay flat, don’t have many seams and clasps, are typically lightly padded, and are usually very smooth. This means you can wear the bra under many different outfits without worrying about it showing.

  • T-shirt bras intended to be worn under a T-shirt, hence the name T-shirt bra. The smooth and seamless finish guarantees an invisible look under fitted outfits.

  • Strapless bras a must-have under a sleeveless top or dress, these bras provide excellent support despite being strapless.

  • Maternity pregnancy and nursing bras are supportive garment for the breasts, worn while a new mom is either breastfeeding or during pregnancy. It differs from a regular bra because it has a latch to easily and quickly expose the nipple to breastfeed your baby. They also give extra support to engorged breasts that may be heavier than usual.

  • Sports bras are specifically designed to keep you comfortable while you work out. Enjoy a full range of movement with the guarantee that everything will stay in its place, even if you have a larger cup size.

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